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Web Design Service

Now days with the enhancement into internet technology, most of the businesses are trying to get into online existence. Due to this requirement the use of websites has been rapidly increased. A website can not only enhance sale but it can also refers for an online presence and removes the barricades of being less known into particular local areas. Due to global expansion of business via internet, it is necessary to have classy designs of web pages that can reflect an elegant look and higher amount of targeted visitors to come into website and to opt for the provided services. Customary web design does a plus one in that regarding and it not only reflects a great look but it also drags higher amount of visitors for your online business. Due to being into the era of internet technology, we at everest deal understand the need of classy websites. We are a crew of expert designers and quite dedicated to provide your business a shape so that it can be loved by not only yourself but from the other peoples on another end. We have personified approach for our existing and prospect customers to deliver proficient web design services.

At everest deal, we first evaluate your specific requirements and your business by co-relating it from the field you are coming in. We have great understanding and approach among customers and developers as well to make our ingredients successfully implemented. We are not just a web design firm but we pronounce ourselves as an IT hub due to our diversified services from various niche. We are leader into the field of web development, application development, website re-design and various streams of internet marketing.

Our work towards providing you corporate and professional designs lies into some points:

Imaginative approach and outstanding fervor
Inventive, bold and endless castle in the sky
Sympathetic reflection

At the end we blend all constituents into magnificent recipe and generate a real magnum opus of knack. In other words we ensure you about our designs are really magnificent and will never going to make you upset in any way. We assure for your optimistic sensations and excellent the doldrums.

Web Development Service


Having any website for business is one of the best ways to interact with customers without any excessive hair loss. If you are moving towards doing business online then having a website for your business becomes quite necessary or in other words it is not possible to involve successfully with in online business without having any particular website for the identity. Hence it is necessary to have such website which can easily attract customers and they can easily know about the business you are doing. Having website is not only an effective way to promote any business but it also helps creating brand identity in order to present your business among potential customers.


As having good hands on expertise over web design and development, Everst deal takes complete care for your online business. We have gained a quite good reputation over the online market by doing our great efforts to make various businesses online so that they can serve well for their customers worldwide. We have long term and proven expertise by developing websites and portals for various national and international clients by using latest trend of technologies. We have an extensive expertise of developing E-commerce websites, corporate websites, community portals, forums and many more.


As having good hands on expertise over web design and development, Everst deal takes complete care for your online business. We have gained a quite good reputation over the online market by doing our great efforts to make various businesses online so that they can serve well for their customers worldwide. We have long term and proven expertise by developing websites and portals for various national and international clients by using latest trend of technologies. We have an extensive expertise of developing E-commerce websites, corporate websites, community portals, forums and many more.


We are a team of experts in various streams of web design and development at Everest Deal Our team includes graphic designers, programmers, website analysts and content developers to develop most effective and productive websites for you continuously. Our website development approach cycle covers following steps:

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Prototype Development
  • Navigation and Appearance Planning
  • Custom Template Design
  • Exclusive Graphic Design and Image Editing
  • Database Design and Development
  • Testing and Initial SEO
  • Final Delivery

Responsive Design Service

Make your website, blog and web applications look smarter on mobile devices like smart phone and tablet. Convert it easily into mobile websites and apps that work on all mobile and tablet devices.

Why to Optimize your Awesome Website for Mobile Devices?

Now a day’s mobile and tablet are becoming more popular device in accessing information on the web. You would be amazed seeing your website on a mobile or tablet; it would definitely not look like the website you are use to see on a desktop or laptop. You will encounter a poor navigation, slow loading time and unreadable content. You would be missing a number of audiences just because your website is not optimized for mobile. But you can make your website look as awesome on mobile devices as it looks on desktops and laptops by just optimizing it.

What are the benefits?

Clean, professional look

The website will adjust its screen size according to the device. Now it would be fully flexible and stretchable. You won’t have to pane all the way to reach to the information’s that were hidden when your website was un-optimized. The website will look neat and clean and professional on mobile devices too.

Easy and flexible navigation

The navigation of the website will now be smarter. It will be now converted into adjustable navigation and appear different on different devices.

Less load time

Now the graphics and the code will be cleaned and optimized. The website will load faster on mobile devices as well.

Search Engine Optimization Service

SMO is an acronym of Social media optimization and it refers to a big number of social media outlets and communities to generate a public awareness increase about any product or any event. It may be found in various kinds like RSS feeds, social bookmarking websites, social networking websites, video websites and other websites supporting web 2.0 platforms. SMO has great influence and similarity with search engine optimization and its main target is to spawn awareness and traffic for any website. In other words, SMO stands for optimizing any website and its content via various web 2.0 platforms and social media channels.

Now days social media optimization is essentially useful for search engine optimization process due to search engine’s nature of utilizing the reviews of users from various social networks like facebook, google plus, twitter and so on to determining the ranking factors. However, it is quite tricky to tip the scales on search engines in this way as they are putting huge stock into social search. However, this term SMO is somehow related to search engine marketing but it has several distinctions. At very start, it focuses on targeting traffic from different channels thus offering improved SERP.

Due to higher populace of social networking websites now days a big number of internet users can be found logged in almost all part of day even in late nights also. Due to making them reach towards your business, it is really required to consult with social media professionals. We are a team of social media strategies and professionals who have created buzz words in the field of social media.

What we offer through our Social media optimization program:

  • Enhanced brand awareness for your online business website
  • Big mob of targeted audience
  • Content marketing and channelizing it through various social and web 2.0 platforms

Internet Marketing Service

Search engine optimization is a constant process of enhancing the visibility of any website among various search engines via their organic or algorithmic search results. In general terms, the earlier and more frequently a website appears in the search list of search engines, it receives more visitors among various search engine users. The term SEO includes assorted kinds of search like academic search, video search, image search and some industry specific vertical searches.

Search engine optimization procedure takes complete care about the functionality of various search engines, terms searched by peoples, literal search terms used among various search engines and preferred search engines by targeted audiences. Optimization of any website may include its content rewriting, HTML and associated coding to increase its relevance with its keywords and to solve their indexing issues occurred by various search engines. Promoting any website in order to augment their back links is another Approach of search engine optimization.

Search engine optimizers or SEOs are ellipsis of a term adopted by an industry of consultants who carry out optimization projects behalf of clients. They may offer it as impartial service or as an ingredient of broader marketing crusade. An effective SEO requires various adjustments within the source code of any website and content so we can say that SEO tactics are also incorporated with web design and development procedures.

We at Everest Deal understand your need about search engine optimization for the website of your business. We include various ethical ways in our SEO tactic in order to deliver you quality result in time. Our strategic approach works towards offering you complete search engine optimization. We include web 2.0 and white hat SEO techniques, so that potential customers can find and trust over you easily. We also offer E-marketing solutions which are a result of long time experience and extensive market research. Our dedicated search engine optimization takes complete care to offer you maximized benefit within your online business. Apart from doing search engine optimization, we also have an extensive experience of conducting Email campaigns, PPC/CPC campaigns, viral marketing, corporate brand identity development and their integration.

Our complete SEO tactic includes

  • Complete keyword research to find best industry specific key phrases for your business. However various webmaster usually don’t do it but we take it as core because targeting one wrong keyword may lead our complete effort destined. We are dedicated to put our complete efforts to get most suitable keywords displayed among top positions among various search engines. Also these keywords will generate good revenues for clients.
  • We don’t limit with the number of pages optimized but we conduct every page optimized and associate them with most related keywords. Our aim is not only to offer top page results to the clients but also generating revenues with their online business.
  • Creation of targeted Meta tags which helps search engines and users to identify about the pages easily. We take extreme care while writing Meta tags and generally don’t plain keywords stuffing. We believe to make it readable and interesting. Good title and description always have highest click through rate.
  • Manual submissions within various top search engines and directories which in order to boost the visibility of website. We understand that how much importance a manual submission has for any website. We don’t believe in using automated software and never have encouraged any one to do so because they can be harmful for the website more than times.
  • A detailed rank report in order to show you complete ranking position in progressive manner. Here we associate previous rank reports to know about the progress of your campaign.